With VPN you need to create a different App Store profile in the desired location. As for the IP location checker - not all of them provide most up-to-date information. Some have old databases which could not be trusted, moreover, if the servers you connect to are newly obtained by us. I would recommend you to contact me at Miles@surfshark.com so we could talk this over and solve these issues

Some VPN’s actually makes the internet speed slow due to the insider network server. But as the Surfshark VPN client has its server in almost over sixty countries, so getting a slow connection through the Surfshark VPN is nothing but a rumor. The Surfshark VPN client holds almost 95% of the actual internet speed. 4. Unlimited Device Access On the other hand, Surfshark is a British Virgin Island service. Fortunately, users can opt for both VPN services as they are operated from online privacy friendly countries. 2. Pricing. Result: Surfshark is cheaper than PureVPN. When it comes to comparing pricing plans of both VPN services, Surfshark surely stands out. Both providers are 02/06/2020 · I wanted a VPN for securely logging on to my bank site, or when I use a credit card to order something online. SurfShark did not work for ally.com, and some food ordering sites will either respond “403 Forbidden”, or you’ll get a message that something went wrong, if you get anything at all. Disconnecting the VPN will allow them to work without issues. 16/06/2020 · ExpressVPN is one of the best options for both Android and iOS, allowing you to use the OpenVPN protocol for secure tunneling. Most VPN providers are limited with the VPN protocols they offer on mobile devices, particularly with iOS. ExpressVPN has fully-functional OpenVPN apps with secure AES-256 encryption for both Android and iOS (iPhone and 29/04/2020 · Surfshark VPN's comparatively high price is balanced against unlimited devices per account and an excellent set of features.

3 Mar 2020 This upstart VPN is giving big-name brands a run for their money.

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24/07/2020 · Surfshark VPN isn’t a market leader yet, but it compares well with the other leaders in the VPN industry. Their speeds are amazing, secure privacy, and their support is as good as any other I’ve used. It works great at unblocking Netflix and supports Torrenting, which is something that really puts them in contention. I definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a great VPN.

The VPN’s geolocation thus makes a huge difference as intelligence and government officials might knock anytime at the VPN provider’s door asking for user’s data. The bad part is that a VPN provider can give all your private information without your consent.